Occupational Safety

Edited by:Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association.

‘(02)Buiding a safe and healthy workshop
‘(03)Make the most of your workshop rules of behavior
‘(04)Be sure to check your workshop without fail
‘(05)You take the lead in the workshop rule of 4 S's
‘(06)When wou operate machines
‘(08)Dangerous & harmful articles
‘(09)Be careful with fire
‘(10)Beware of electric shock
‘(11)Tools are extensions of your hands and feet
‘(12)Don't strain yourself when you carry things and prevent a lumbago
‘(13)Make contact and a sign accurately and clearly
‘(14)Protective Gear Gives You Protection From Harm
‘(15)Keep Your Uniform Neat and Clean
‘(16)Keep Your Workshop Well-Ventilated and Breathe a Clean Air
‘(17)Work Comfortably at a Bright Workshop
‘(18)Dust....Clean UP Your Workplace As Frequently As Possible
‘(19)Organic Solvents
‘(20)God damn it! Running out of oxygen!
‘(21)"A Second'f Saves a Life
‘(22)Don't Fall and Drop Anything From a Height
‘(23)Five-Point Rule of Wisdom For Doing Nonscheduled Operations
‘(24)Message For You
‘(25)Join Willingly and Banish AGcident
‘(26)Be Sure To Undergo a Medical Checkup
‘(27)Are You Taking Care of Your Health?
‘(28)Build UP Your Health Wisely
‘(29)Divert Yourself in Doing Something Else
‘(30)Translate What You Have In Mind Into Action
‘A Supplement;A Summary of Suggested Safety Precautions to Prevent Accidents Involving a Fall or Drop
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